Fireworks Display

The modern display often has to perform to audiences of much greater size than those of the past, which also can restrict choices in the use of some types of firework.

Perhaps the biggest factor in shaping our modern displays has been time. Despite an ever greater increase in facilities designed to make better use of time and cut the length of  time needed to achieve various tasks, it seems to become an ever more precious commodity. The majority of our displays are now rigged and fired on the same day. The majority of the fusing and preparation takes place in the factory, long before the display site is ever reached, leaving only the final assembly and placing of roman barrages and racks of mortars into their positions on the display site itself. Gone are the days when marquees would be erected on site, and great teams of men would spend several days in preparation. Even a relatively large show can now be prepared by just two or three men in a day. Certainly the electrical firing of displays helps, but even now it may come as a surprise to some that we still fire smaller shows by hand.

It is always possible to elevate people’s feelings to great heights in a show, but very difficult to keep them there, which is why this variety in effect is so important.

Perhaps the greatest trend of recent years has been the introduction of the pyromusical, which offers many advantages and adds an extra dimension to the show. When attempting to play with the play with the audiences’ emotions, much can be gained with the addition of music.

Traditionally, firework displays were preformed by the manufacturers of fireworks themselves. Clearly it is not the case today, as by far and away the majority of “firework companies” to be found in the telephone book have never even added a lifting charge to a shell. Since the majority of advancement in the firework world has been in the display side of the business, it can be argued that the displaying of fireworks is now an entirely separate skill.

The majority of firework displays around the world were traditionally linked to religious festivals.

The basic principle of performing a mascleta display has remained unchanged through the years. It is born through a combination of sounds through time, attempting to keep a distinctive rhythm. The show itself can be split into three sections; the beginning, main body and the end.


Traditionally, the beginning consisted of at least ten aerial maroons to mark the start of the display. In modern times smoke whistles and bummers have also been added.

                       Main body

The main body consists principally of ground based elements of the show, the long strings of mascleta held on wires at head height, allowing their sound to reverberate of the floor. The fast tempo gradually increases to the “traca final” or “earthquake.”


Coinciding with the effects of the main body of the show, the display heads to the air again, with a series of explosions which are of greater frequency than those on the ground. The frequency gradually slows, but as it does the power of the explosion increases, until the deafening finale.

The following is fireworks display program for the opening ceremony at the first international forum on fireworks safety and quality and the 5th china liu yang international fireworks festival.

                          Fireworks Display Program

                   Part one : A gun salute to our guests

Five streams of shooting stars flowing in the sky, a series of large Chinese characters “the fifth international firecrackers festival opening ceremony” shown before your eyes. A large colorful fireworks earth moves around slowly to welcome to the guests from the world and brings us joy.

                 Part two: meeting in liu yang

In the sky, accompanied by the cheerful music of liu yang river, we will find a group of golden Chinese characters “welcome to liu yang ,chine, home of fireworks.” Then, followed by “waterfalls” flowing, “fountains” waving up, “tiger tails” dancing, “potted flowers” sprouting. The colorful sky reverberates the laughers of liu yang people whose minds are opening to the world.

                  Part three: A glory sky

Soul-striving thunders strike the instant silence, salute after salute, golden, silver, green, purple, a multitude of shells color the sky.

                Part four: red lantern congratulation

Thousands of red lantern drift with the tide. Thousands of lotus flowers are floating in the sky. The colorful lanterns like stars twinkling in the far sky create a warm and joyous festival atmosphere.

                 Part five: an oasis night song

The oasis gushes out in the sky. Green flowers, green waves, green lights leap up to a vigorous and evergreen life.

                 Part six: golden October

Firing wheels flying and rolling, golden snakes dancing crazily, orchids sprouting red flowers, rice waves fooling on, all these beautify the night sky and spread the harvest of happiness and joy.

                 Part seven: An unforgettable night

Salvoes and fireworks spread happiness. Various fireworks look like flowers in the garden. Time stops, happiness and friendship will linger us forever.


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