Fireworks Business Talk

Gao Ming and Mr. Johnson had a lot of phone calls and emails in the past half year. Gao Ming tried his best to introduce Liuyang Fireworks to Mr. Johnson, the executive manager of Flyflower Fireworks company. Now Mr. Johnson has some interest in establishing into business relations with Gao Ming’s company and he makes a decision to come to liuyang and visit the company and see the products. Gao Ming picked Mr. Johnson up at Huanghua Airport and they were on their way to liuyang.

The following is their dialogue;

Johnson:    Gao Ming, I once heard from my friend and read from a book that Chinese fireworks have a long history, but the fact is that I don’t know much about them except that they have the best quality and the longest volume of production in the world. Could you kindly tell me something about them?

Gao Ming:  OK, I do not know much a bout the history of Chinese fireworks, so I can only tell you what I know. The earliest fireworks in china came into being in the period of the tang dynasty. The manufacture of Chinese fireworks began to flourish during the song dynasty. In liuyang, we have honor li tian as the “forerunner of fireworks”.  Because he found a method of making fireworks. Firecrackers were used in early times, just as they are now, to scare a way evil spirits from wedding and birth celebrations and from funerals, and they were also much in evidence at various religious festivals. These firecrackers were often made by packing gunpowder into bamboo cases or rolled tubes, so laying the foundations of modern firework manufacture. They exploded when thrown on to the fire, hence the origin of the name “firecracker”. An encyclopaedia dated around 1630, refers to “fire trees and silver trees” used in the tang dynasty (7th~10th centuries).

Johnson:  thank you so much, Gao Ming! You are really a fireworks specialist.

                                  At the Hotel

         One hour later, they arrived at Grandson city resort (the best botel in liuyang).

Gao Ming:  Here we are! Look over there that’s the liuyang river, a well-known river ,and the subject of a bousehold-song. Let’s take the luggage to room 1108.

Johnson:    OK, let’s go.

Gao Ming:   would you like to take a rest now? we’ll have supper in the dining room. How about at 5:30?

Johnson:   OK, see you later!

Gao Ming:  Aright, bye!

                            At the table

Gao Ming:   Dinner is ready. Shall we go into the dining room? This way, please.

Johnson:     Thank you

Gao Ming:   Mr. Johnson, would you like to take this seat?

Johnson:    OK, thanks.

Gao Ming:   Well, this drink is liuyang he, it is named after our well-known river-the liuyang river.

Johnson:     I believe that’s the way many famous liquors and wines are named.

Gao Ming:   this is roast duck, and this is sweet and sour fish.

Johnson:     Thank you, Gao Ming. What a feast you’re giving me!

Gao Ming:   Listen! (Bang!) The fireworks display is starting. In front of the hotel, you can enjoy different fireworks displays almost every night. There are many fireworks factories in liuyang and they often display their products’ effects. Shall we go out and enjoy it?

Johnson:     OK!

      (6 months later Mr. Johnson returns to liuyang, since the last time he visited he and Gao Ming have negotiated a business deal.)

                         A  Negotiation

Johnson:    Good morning, Gao Ming. Good to see you again.

Gao Ming:  It’s good to see you, too, Mr. Johnson. It’s been several months since we last saw each other. How have you been keeping?

Johnson:    Fine, thanks. And you ? How is Business?

Gao Ming:  Great! We’ve been doing extremely well. In fact America has become one of our best customers. We’ve increased our sales here ten-fold over the last year or so.

Johnson:    I’m pleased to hear it . I hope they keep growing.

Gao Ming:  One can never have too much success!

Johnson:    Now, to come to the point. We would like to increase our original order to 3 inch shells, but we are not sure which kind we want. Here is a list of our requirements.

Gao Ming:  (taking the list and looking at it) I’ve brought a series of catalogues on our latest models with me . all of them meet these requirements. Would you like to look over them?

Johnson:    I certainly would. Helping yourself to tea and cigarettes while I leaf through them.

Gao Ming:   Thank you.

Johnson:    ( A fter several minutes of looking through the catalogues) This is the one we’re interested in. Could you give me an idea of your price?

Gao Ming:  here are our price lists. The quotations are all in US dollars net , FOB. I’m sure you’ll find our prices most competitive.

Johnson:    But these prices are higher than the ones you quoted 6 months ago!

Gao Ming:  I’m sure you’ll appreciate that the costs of production have gone up considerably recently. Our prices still compare very favorably with those offered by other fireworks companies.

Johnson:    I must tell you that your price is higher than some of the quotations we have received elsewhere.

Gao Ming:  that may well be so. But everybody in the fireworks trade knows that our products are of top quality and incorporate the most advanced technology.

Johnson:   I grant that they are of the best quality, but we simply cannot order them at this price.

Gao Ming:  well, considering that you are ordering three thousand cartons, we could reduce our price by say, -2%

Johnson:    When I say your prices are  too high, I don’t mean they are too high merely by 2%.

Gao Ming:  What kind of a reduction did you have in mind then?

Johnson:    If we are to place an order with you I think a discount of about 10% would be sufficient.

Gao Ming:  10%! That’s out of the question! You can’t expect us to make such a large reduction.

Johnson:   in that case there is no need for further discussions. We might as well call the whole deal off.

Gao Ming:  let’s not be hasty, Mr. Johnson. Perhaps it’s unwise for either of us to insist on his own price. How about meeting each other half way?

Johnson:   what exactly do you propose?

Gao Ming:   I propose a reduction of 4%

Johnson:    that is hardly half way, Mr. Gao! Let’s both make a further concession-6%

Gao Ming:  You certainly drive a hard bargain, Dr. Johnson. But I’m afraid 5% is our rock bottom price.

Johnson:    very well, then 5% it is.


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