Fireworks And Liuyang

The history of fireworks production in liuyang spans more than 1300 years. It goes like this “the earliest fireworks came into being in the tang dynasty(7th~10th century),and Chinese fireworks manufacture began to flourish during the song dynasty; its birthplace is liuyang” in 1980 liuyang was named the “ home of fireworks” by china’s central government. With its excellent technology and advanced line of production, liuyang fireworks are well-known at home and abroad.

    Liuyang fireworks have received many quality awards in china, as well as in many international product competitions, including the following:

In 1929, the first place in the Chinese national goods exhibition.

In 1933, the Quality Award at the Chicago international fair.

In 1985, the “red lantern” shell got the gold Award in the Chinese products Quality competition.

In 1986, the first place at the 21st Monaco international fireworks display competition.

In 1988, the Chinese manufacturing and Art Flower Award, the Gold A ward at the Chinese light products fair, and the Quality award of the Chinese manufacturing and art flower award.

In 1990, the Chinese Manufacturing and Art Flower Awards.

In 1991, the Quality Award of the Foreign Trade Department.

In 1992, the Gold Medal at the Macao international Fireworks Display Competition.

In 1996, the Gold Medal at the 9th Macao International fireworks display competition.

In the 24 years since 1979, when the policy reformation and the opening up of  china to foreign trade was implemented, liuyang has achieved a great leap forward in industry and trade relations with the international business community. Moreover, china’s entry into the WTO and Beijing’s successful bid to host the 2008 Olympic games have brought still greater prospects to liuyang fireworks.

Looking back upon our past, we feel very proud. In these 24 years of reformation and greater openness, we have made contributions to society not only in material wealth but also in spiritual civilization. In this period, liuyang fireworks enterprises have created an accumulated profits and generated tax yields of 10 billion yuan, nearly 20 times that of the 30 years before 1979. During this time, the liuyang fireworks industry has also won numerous awards in many competitions at national and international level.

Looking to the future, we have tremendous confidence in the continued success of the liuyang fireworks industry. We believe that the brilliant past of liuyang fireworks will usher in an equally bright future. Firstly, we are producing famous fireworks with a long, 1300-year history, which means that we have a built-in advantage in the competitive quality market. Secondly, we are supported by a determined local government working hard to promote our industry abroad, and by a dedicated, motivated, well educated, creative and conscientious workforce. Therefore, we believe with good reason that, despite the intense international competition, the liuyang fireworks industry will continue to successfully ride the huge tide of the global economy into a brilliant future.

We warmly welcome friends from all walks of life, both at home and abroad, to liuyang, the home of fireworks.


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